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“The Blunt, Unvarnished Truth About How To REALLY Attract Clients On LinkedIn…

...From Someone Who Gets Paid $30,000 To Help People Attract A Consistent, Steady Stream Of B2B Customers And Clients On This Powerful Platform. 

PLUS: Why Your LinkedIn Profile Is Probably REPELLING Your Ideal Clients, And What To Do About It Today. Keep Reading To Get The Scoop!

Dear Friend, 

I’m not going to pull any punches about this. 

It’s something my high-end clients pay me $30,000.00 to teach them. 

But I’m going to level with you right here in this letter.

So make sure you take the phone off the hook…

...Get rid of any distractions…

...And read every single word of this message. 

Because I’m about to tell you that:

The Way Most “Gurus” Teach People To Get Clients On LinkedIn Is Dead Wrong!

For example, there’s the school of thought that you have to treat your profile like a resume. 

Just put some kind of a boring description of what you do, and that’s it. 

Others teach you to load your profile with a bunch of keywords. 

This way, your profile ranks high when people search for you. 

But here’s the problem: 

If the words on your profile do nothing to get people to work with you…

...then it doesn’t matter how much traffic to your profile! 

Those are just some of the falsehoods that are spread about LinkedIn profiles. 

(Perhaps you’ve heard some of them...or fallen for them yourself?) 

Here’s the bottom line: 

Your LinkedIn Profile Has To Get The 

Target Prospect To Say “I Like You!” 

And a boilerplate description of what you do just ain’t gonna cut it. 

Now I’m sure you’re wondering: 

Who Am I And Why You Should Listen To Me?

My name is Tracy Enos and I’ve been showing business owners how to create a tsunami of clients on LinkedIn. 

I’ve been doing it for 10 years and my clients have made millions of dollars...

...all from my guidance and private help. 

Just like Ed: 

“Generated 400 Leads In 5 Months!” 

Before Tracy:

  • 260 Connections

  • Last profile update was 2 years ago

After Tracy:

  • 5 Months + 4,500 targeted connections

  • 4000 leads through a landing page

  • 5-figure consulting clients 

The great news for you is Tracy isn’t one of those ‘gurus’ out there who teaches theory (or fluff). She’s actually in the trenches marketing on LinkedIn every day. 

There are some people who DO and there are some people who TEACH. Tracy is the rare combination - a DO-ER of what she TEACHES. --- ED Rush

Look, I don’t mean to brag. 

But just want to let you know that I know how to get results for clients. 

And I love helping clients “right the ship” when it comes to LinkedIn…

...and attract all the customers and clients they’ve ever wanted.


My Profile Makeovers Are So Effective That They’ve Been Endorsed By LinkedIn Themselves!

It all starts with having a profile that gets your prospect’s attention…

...and gets them to say, “Darn, I wanna work with this person!

And, for a limited time, I’m revealing my secrets to creating a magnetic LinkedIn profile. 


 The Ultimate LinkedIn 

 Profile Framework 

The Ultimate LinkedIn Profile Framework will get right to the point…

...and reveal how to create a profile that generates a consistent stream of clients. 

It will also help you set yourself apart from the competition…

...and position yourself as the #1 choice in your industry. 

While everyone else will throw up a LinkedIn profile and “hope and pray” for the best…

...you’ll create a laser-targeted LinkedIn profile that will build white-hot desire to work with you. 

How is this? 

That’s Because I’m Going To Reveal The Secret “X-Factor” Of a Winning LinkedIn Profile


We all know that people need to like, know, and trust us in order to buy from us. 

However, a very small number of LinkedIn profiles actually accomplish this. 

That’s because I’m going to reveal how to create a genuine human connection with your prospects…

...that goes waaaaay deeper than the product or service you provide. 

This is how you create supreme influence and transform them into raving fans. 

This is something I accidentally stumbled upon while working for my high-value clients…

...and you’ll discover my secrets when you invest in The Ultimate LinkedIn Profile Framework. 

So, nope, you’re not going to have the usual “blah” LinkedIn profile that reads like a job description. 

You’re going to create genuine connections with your prospects…

...that’ll help them come to you...vs. the competition.

This is truly “advanced stuff” most LinkedIn experts don’t know!

Here’s Just SOME Of What You’ll Discover:

Module #1: Get Crystal Clear On Your ‘Slam Dunk’ Customer

I’m going to walk you through my proprietary strategy for honing in on your target customer. 

You see, most people teach to target “everyone” on LinkedIn with your profile.

The problem is you’ll end up with a bunch of tire-kickers and looky-loos…

...and very little money in the bank. 

That’s why getting clear on your target customer will help you stand out…

...and make them say, “This person totally gets me!” 

Module #2: Tweak Your Profile For Maximum Visibility

This is where I’m going to help you implement certain “profit tweaks” to get more eyeballs in your profile. 

This is something most of my clients don’t know and will help you get a leg-up on your competition. 

It will also help you attract a consistent, steady stream of qualified customers and clients. 

Module #3: Get Your Profile To Attract Your Ideal Client

No more “guessing” regarding how to create a magnetic LinkedIn profile. 

I’ll reveal my proven formula for creating a LinkedIn profile that gets your target market’s attention. 

I’ll reveal the right way to create your LinkedIn profile vs. throwing up a cheesy headline and seeing what happens. 

Module #4: Fill Out Your Work Experience Like A Pro

Many people shortchange this very important aspect of their profile. 

They only focus on creating a great headline and About description. 

However, your work experience is very important to your LinkedIn profile. 

I’ll reveal the right way to fill in this section so you’re attractive to your ideal customers and clients. 

Module #5: LinkedIn ‘Hacks’ Your Competitors Don’t Know 

This is the good stuff ! I’m going to reveal how to really connect with your prospects on another level. 

When you do this right, you don’t have to persuade people based on your core deliverable alone. 

What I’ll show you will help your prospects say, “Hey, I really like this person” and end up hiring you.

Module #6: Create A Client-Attracting Company Page

This is another part of LinkedIn that is widely underused. 

I’ll show you how to stand out and get your potential clients to say,

“Yes, I want to work with you.” Yes, it can get a little noisy on LinkedIn, but this will help you stand out in a big way.

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You’ll Also Get The Following Checklists And Resources That’ll Hyper-Accelerate Your Progress:

The Unique Selling Proposition Generator - Use these 10 questions to get clear on why clients should do business with YOU vs. the competition. You’ll highlight these in your brand-new LinkedIn profile and the rest of your marketing. Your competition won’t know what hit’em! 

Ultimate LinkedIn 28-Point Profile Checklist - This is a quick “double-check” to make sure you have all the critical elements in your profile. It’s also a quick reference to refer to when you decide to tweak your profile as you accelerate your career thanks to all the clients you’re attracting!

“Creator Mode” Profile Checklist - LinkedIn gives you the chance to grow your following and establish your voice with Creator Mode.  What’s great about switching this on is people will be able to “follow” you along with connecting with you.  This gives you a chance to stand out and get discovered by even more of your ideal clients.  This checklist to this brand-new feature will make sure you cover all the bases.

LinkedIn Boolean Tip Sheet - Here’s your chance to amp up your prospecting by searching LinkedIn the right way. You’ll discover different modifiers and operators to combine, group, or exclude keywords. You’ll be a bonafide LinkedIn search pro after going through this tip sheet. 

LinkedIn Activity Limit Cheatsheet - Yes, LinkedIn is watching you! This cheat sheet will reveal how to stay under LinkedIn’s radar when it comes to profile visits, daily messages, etc. This handy cheat sheet will help you keep your account in good standing and continue to be a HUGE asset to you. 

LinkedIn F.A.S.T Implementation Tasklist - Never guess what tasks you need to do every day, week and month in order to attract a consistent flow of clients. This Tasklist will help you get clear on the big action steps you need to take. No “guessing” needed...just open this list and get instant clarity. 

Linkedin Character Count/Photo Size Shortcut Worksheet - Never guess how long your headline or summary should be ever again! This worksheet will help you get clear on LinkedIn’s character/photo parameters so you can focus on creating a profile that puts your best foot forward. 

The LinkedIn Acceleration Manifesto - This is a 1-page document you can print out and post next to your desk to stay motivated as you grow your business on LinkedIn. Yes, there will be those “rough days” but this Manifesto will help you stay on track as you grow your business on LinkedIn.  

So, What’s The Investment in The Ultimate Linkedin Profile Framework?

Think about the value of your typical client. 

For most businesses, they’re between $2,000 and $10,000+ depending on the industry. 

So the fact that it’s realistic that you could get just one client over the next several weeks alone…

...makes the Ultimate LinkedIn Profile Makeover worth at least $1,997. 

But the good news is you won’t have to pay that. 

For a limited time, I’m offering the Ultimate LinkedIn Profile Framework for only $997 (only $497 for a limited time)

Think about it…

All you need to do is get ONE client to get your money back on this course that you otherwise wouldn’t have attracted…

...and much much more.   

It could be someone who happened to check out your LinkedIn profile via the views you’re getting organically…

...and decided YOU are the person to hire based on your profile. 

Not a bad deal, eh? 

But I’m Going To Sweeten The Pot With The Following Bonuses:

Bonus #1 (Value: $1,997): 12 Monthly “Ask Tracy Anything” Group Q&A Calls 

Let’s face it, you’re going to have questions as you start your LinkedIn journey.

 These monthly group calls will help you get your questions answered…

...so you can move forward faster and attract all the clients you want.

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Bonus #2 (Value: $1997): LinkedIn Sales Navigator Accelerator

I’ll reveal how to implement LinkedIn Sales Navigator

so you can get more customers/clients/patients. 

You’ll be able to better connect and build relationships

with the buyers you need to engage.

 It’s 100% worth it for outbound sales, and I’ll reveal how to do it.

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Bonus #3 (Value: $997) “Top Secret” Interview Questions

Ever asked your customers/clients what made them buy from you? 

These questions will do exactly that so you can better target your customers.

Just give them to your customers and watch the feedback roar in!

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Bonus #4 (Value: PRICELESS) Private “Insiders” Facebook Group

This is your chance to ask me any questions and get feedback from me and any of our members. 

Because let’s face it. You’re going to have questions as you create your LinkedIn profile.

This is a safe forum to get help when needed and to celebrate big wins as well. 

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Here’s What You’ll Get When 

You Take Action Today:

  • The Ultimate LinkedIn Profile Framework          ($1997 ) 

    • Unique Selling Proposition Generator

    • Ultimate LinkedIn 28-Point Profile Checklist 

    • “Creator Mode” Profile Checklist 

    • LinkedIn Boolean Tip Sheet 

    • LinkedIn Activity Limit Tip Sheet 

    • Linkedin F.A.S.T. Implementation Tasklist 

    • Character Count/Photo Size Shortcut Worksheet 

    • The LinkedIn Acceleration Manifesto 

  • 12 Monthly Group Q&A Calls With Tracy            ($1997) 

  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator Accelerator           ($997)

  • “Top Secret” Interview Questions              ($497)

  • Private “Insiders” Facebook Group                PRICELESS!

  • Total Value - $5488

    Not in$497!

    Limited time offer

    Only! $247

    For The First 100 Founding Members

    So, What’s The Investment in The Ultimate Linkedin Profile Framework?

    1. First Option – Do Nothing And miss out on attracting that “whale” client that could be a gamechanger for you

    2. Second Option – Pony Up This Small Investment Today (since you only need to get 1 extra client to get your investment back, it’s worth a shot!)

    And don’t worry...you’re covered by my 30-day guarantee so you cannot make a mistake.

    So go here to invest in the Ultimate Linkedin Profile Framework right now, while it’s still fresh on your mind!


    Tracy Enos

    P.S. There are over 800 million LinkedIn users every day. That’s a large pool of prospects, and you don’t want to have a shoddy profile that’ll cause them to say “Next!”! So go here to get your copy!

    P.P.S. Remember, you only need to get a new client you otherwise wouldn’t have attracted to get your investment back. It’s a no-brainer!

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